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The Cyber Den is Jake's video game-centric radio show on Siren Radio, and is co-hosted with James "Hyperion177" Kennedy and Connor "Con Que?" Brumby.

Currently, the show goes live every Wednesday from 9am-11pm (GMT), while a highlight show plays every Thursday and Sunday between 10pm-12am. You can listen in live on Siren Radio's official
website. Shows are recorded live automatically and uploaded to the site for one month.

The show covers the latest from the world of gaming while treating listeners to quirky and unique discussion points, like samples from bad voice acting in video games. Furthermore, The Cyber Den also features exclusive interviews with talented video game developers, composers, voice actors, and much more.
Since its creation in early-2014, The Cyber Den has developed into one of Siren Radio's most popular and beloved shows.



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