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Jake's Testimonials

"Jake was fast and efficient. He gave us exactly what we asked for and before the due date."
- Andrew Hulshult, Interceptor Entertainment - Composer and Sound Designer

"I have hired Jake many times in the past to narrate in IG Production's audio games, and he has always left me very satisfied with his powerful voice and engaging delivery. His audio production skills and quick response time has meant I was able to get his excellent takes within no time at all."
- Ivan Venturi, IV Productions - CEO and Founder

"Of all the voice actors we have worked with thus far, Jake Parr, without a doubt, stands out above all else regarding the quality of his work." 
- The Twisted Insurrection Team

"Jake has been
a huge resource for my productions -- he's punctual, professional, enthusiastic, and always a pleasure to work with... and this is all on top of having the voice of an angel."
- Phil Chea, Disney Digital Network - Producer, Animation

"Jake The Voice has worked with me as an independent contractor in the capacity of writing, editing, and voice acting for my channel for more than a year. Jake's work continues to impress and has been both proficient and reliable. His sense of responsibility, character, and commitment to deadlines allow me to recommend him for any potential voice work both now and in the future."
- Top Lists - YouTube Channel

"Jake worked with me on my album, "Calibrations," performing duties such as interviews, reading liner notes, and voice acting. He was always on time with projects and never complained when a tweak was required. His stellar voice made the album much better, and his willingness to stick around until the end of the project was a quality I appreciated very much. I would recommend him highly to anyone in need of vocal talent." 
- Lee Jackson, video game composer and 'Calibrations' album composer

"Radio is all about the voice and with Jake Parr, Siren FM has a voice that is quite extraordinary.  It carries authority, power, depth and, above all, character.  Without the need for any signal processing at all, Jake’s voice is exceptional.  His weekly programme attracts a large audience and his presentation style is both engaging and unique, in a very good way.
His ability to produce 
excellent station idents and promos is exemplary, too.
In short, he’s what 
every station needs."
Andrew David – Former Managing Editor, Siren Radio

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